News: Xorsist Release New Single ‘Distorted Shapes’

The mighty Xorsist have released their third and final single, “Distorted Shapes,” from forthcoming album At the Somber Steps to Serenity. Previous singles include “Blessed By The Divine” and “Coterie Of The Depraved.”

Xorsist were founded by Gustav Ryderfelt (vocals and guitar) before cementing their line-up with both Birk Castenmalm (vocals and bass) and Alphonse Bouquelon (drums).

The band’s sound reflects their deep reverence of death metal as well as building upon the genre’s classic sound. On their newest record, At the Somber Steps to Serenity, Xorsist added experimental production techniques to take their musical brand of brutality and aggression to a whole new level.

Drummer Alphonse Bouquelon comments:

“For this final single, we went slightly experimental with the production regarding the vocal department, which is mostly performed by Birk (Castenmalm, vocals and bass). Many recording takes that are in the final track were things that occurred either by chance or improvisation in the studio such as atmospheric yells and backing vocals where Gustav (Ryderfelt, vocals and guitars) and I join forces, or voices, if you will.

“To us, this track is a representation of our new attitude toward the recording and the production of our music, which can be felt throughout the whole album.”

Xorsist utilized the talents of Tomas Skogsberg on co-production duties with Iñaki Marconi (Soen, Sepultura, Carcass) to work their magic at the legendary Sunlight Studios (Dismember, At The Gates, Entombed, Grave).

At the Somber Steps to Serenity drops October 6.

Photo courtesy of XORSIST 

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