Brooklyn Vegan has premiered a new single for Maryland sludge metallers YATRA. The song is “Tyrant Throne” and it is off of the band’s third album All Is Lost, due out this October on Grimoire Records. Check it out here.

“Tyrant Throne’ was a song that came completely out of my head and fingers,” guitarist/vocalist Dana Helmuth tells us. “I woke up one morning with the intro melody in my head and turned on my amp, and it honestly all came out in one play, even all the changes, almost like I was remembering a song that I forgotten. Even the first verse lyrics and the chorus lyrics all just came out of my head on that same first run through. It’s a song that reminds me of the same kind of greasy riff as ‘Sailing On’ from our first album Death Ritual. The lyrics are all very time sensitive, metaphorically, to things going on in the world now, but also could apply to the Yatra fantasy world of dark versus light and good versus evil. Teach your children to fear no evil.”

Check out the previously released singles “All is Lost” and “Eyes of Light” below:

I don’t know how, but Brooklyn Vegan keeps getting the scoop on these bastards and all we get to do is report on it. C’est la vie.

Preorder All is Lost here.


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