News: Yawners Sign to Counter Intuitive, Announce New Full Length LP

Check out the upcoming single from the newest Counter Intuitive signee Yawners titled Suena Mejor. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Yawners’ newest work is their finest; a perfect mix of groovy riffs and swelling melodies topped with vocals that work as an instrument on their own.  Here is what the band has to say about the release:
‘Suena Mejor’ is the first single from the record because it introduces very well a concept that is very present in the album: the indecision, the duplicity, the parallel paths of life, the uncertainty of vital but also of the most banal decisions.
“You never really know how things are going to turn out until you do them, so it’s better to just trust yourself and do it without thinking it over too much. I like how the melancholic guitars on the verse and the powerful guitars on the chorus really match the lyrics’ message. I think anyone can see themself reflected in these lyrics.

Suena Mejor is the first single off of Yawners new full length record, Duplo, which will be out on May 6 via Counter Intuitive Records and Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU), Montgri (Spain), and Impartmant (Japan).
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