YouTube cover artist and scene remix extraordinaire Alex Melton has dropped a new take on a Taking Back Sunday classic.

Melton is known for putting a new spin on old favorites. Think Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” in the vein of Angels & Airwaves (complete with the obligatory vocal inflection), Blink-182 taking on Third Eye Blind, or Four Year Strong playing Christmas tunes.

However, country music is closest to Melton’s heart, and his “Punk Goes Country” versions are where the real magic lies. Pulled from Taking Back Sunday’s third album, 2006’s Louder Now, Melton’s rendition of “MakeDarnSure” is full of bright, acoustic guitars and heart-on-sleeve, Southern drawl.

Watch the darn-tootin’ video for “MakeDarnSure” here:

Download “MakeDarnSure” here.

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