Night Argent Streams Cinematic Self-Titled EP

Being praised for their dynamic songwriting, pop-driven lyrics and multi-layered rock instrumentation, alternative pop/rock band Night Argent have been making waves since announcing their debut self-titled EP, set for release 4/22/16. Today, the band is streaming the EP in full a week ahead of its release, sharing a playlist of stunning visual videos to accompany the stream. Fuse describes the EP as “…packed with romantic up-tempos with crashing melodies (“Comet”), vulnerable themes (“Nothing More Beautiful”) and hauntingly cinematic production (Kamikaze)…” Here is what Shane Santanna (keys, vocals) had to say about this monumental moment for the band:

“Four years we’ve been working on this EP. Four years spent writing and rewriting, trying to find our sound. So much has been invested in finding a cohesive creative platform that truly expresses both our individual, and our collective natures. The resulting music has granted us so many opportunities we never could’ve imagined. Including an amazing management company, fantastic publicity team, a partnership with AGI, and the chance to work with the legendary John Feldmann on our next project. We’re so proud of what we’ve built together, and no matter how it’s received, we know we gave everything we had to this project, and have no regrets. We’re excited to finally share what we’ve made.” –  Shane Santanna

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