With the spread of the COVID-19, or more commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, more and more people are seemingly social distancing and trying to keep the spread of this newfound virus to a bare minimum.

And with all this time on our hands as we wait for this awful virus to pass, people have been coming up with ways to keep us entertained – via the internet.

One of them, luckily for us, is NOFX.

Posted yesterday on the band’s Instagram account, they shared the news that while most of us are stuck at home, we can at least look forward to a few free NOFX songs coming our way (!!!!)

“I realized today that I have tons of new NOFX songs and videos from our new album which won’t be out til sometime this summer, but since everyone’s like, stuck at home and bored, I’m just gonna release a bunch of songs now so people can enjoy them before we’re all dead,” shared the band’s frontman, Fat Mike.

The first of these songs is the track and music video we’ve got listed below, “I Love You More Than I Hate Me.” And, as if it wasn’t exciting enough that the band is sharing some new music, we’d also like to share that our editor and publisher is featured in the video (seriously, how cool is that?!?!)

But please be aware, however, that the music video (directed by Chris Graue) can be viewed as very triggering for some as it shows several acts of people committing suicide.

So, without further ado, check out NOFX’s new song, ” I Love You More Than I Hate Me,” below!


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