We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Nowhere Roads’ music video for their song “The Earth is Still Flat” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Toil Every Second, which is out now through Coin Toss Records. You can purchase it here.

Keats Rickard of Nowhere Roads commented:

I was thinking of the band Supertouch and their LP ‘The Earth Is Flat’, when I initially came up with the title. Supertouch’s record title was a jab at ignorance and came out 30 years ago – in present day, many people still defend their mindset from a pedestal of inexperience – hence ‘The Earth is Still Flat’. More inspiration (for our song) sparked from reading some postings from a person online who was a self proclaimed ‘Flat-Earther’. The person was arrogant, ignorant, and inflammatory. Pushing a view that the earth is flat is lunacy. People slinging these type of unfounded views is at rampant status on the internet. In the online world especially – anyone can, and will say anything they want, with absolutely zero regard for what the fallout may be from it – and all from an anonymous position. Its a sociopath’s fantasy land. The song is a direct shot at these online trolls. The internet could still be a good learning tool, as well as a source for information and entertainment – take the power away from these troglodytes by ignoring them, or at the very least, by not taking them seriously.

Nowhere Roads will be performing at a benefit show in Philadelphia on February 16, 2019. Proceeds benefit Howie Wallen (who was in Alone In A Crowd) and his family while he deals with surgery and difficulties from a debilitating acoustic neuroma. Those who can’t make the show can learn more and contribute here.

Benefit For Howie 2019

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Top photo by Anne Spina

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