The Ocean Cure explore a variety of soundscapes with their tracks, and “Huntress” is no different. The verses snap to an eclectic but steady beat, exploding through the rest of the song with visceral howls and elegant clean vocals. The band are offering listeners an exclusive peek into their upcoming RE: Discover EP with this premiere of “Huntress”

“This song was inspired by the ancient myth of Pandora’s Box. A girl whose curiosity leads her to open a box and inadvertently unleash terrifying monsters on the world. My personal spin on it was that Pandora was subsequently sent down to earth and ordered to track down and trap the monsters that she had unleashed, and thus she became a badass monster hunter. Somewhat likened to the demon hunters from World of Warcraft, who are technically demons themselves.” – Pauline of The Ocean Cure

“When we were writing this song, Pauline came to me with the idea of my parts being about sleep paralysis, and the fear of not being in control of ourselves. It’s honestly a theme that I was excited about because there was the obvious parallel of my bi-polar disorder. ‘When will you loosen your grip I’ll never break free, I always feel like I’m losing my mind’ that line I feel is something that a lot of people can relate to. Just having an overwhelming feeling of being unable to cope sometimes.” – Casius of The Ocean Cure


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Based in Toronto, Canada, The Ocean Cure offer a vast sound of post-hardcore and metalcore sensibilities, with a dash of prog and a sprinkle of pop. Since forming in 2014, members Pauline Taylor (Vocals), Casius Wray-Muto (Bass/Unclean-Vocals), Mike Di Monte (Guitar/Vocals), and Nicola Sudano (Drums/Programming) have been fine-tuning their sound and lyrical content. Stemming from the common theme of the ocean, The Ocean Cure draws comparisons to the calm before the storm and the symbolic impact of crashing waves. They use this ideology within their lyrics to draw unique comparisons to how life can feel like an ocean. Wray-Muto expands, “Music has always been a sort of medicine for me, so I think it just makes sense that our name is, The Ocean Cure.”

Photo by Kurt Cuffy

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1) When we first started the band we were basically strangers, but now we’re a family
2) “Huntress” is based on sleep paralysis and world of warcraft
3) RE: Discover was largely produced by the band itself.
4) We’ve been able to play several major festivals with the DIRECT help of our fans (Warped Tour, Rockfest)
5) Casius is a two time member of his favourite band, counterparts.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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