We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of OCEANWIRES’ music video for their song “Fuel + Reasons” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album There Never Was a Was, which is scheduled to be released on February 15, 2019. You can pre-order the album here.

David Einmo of OCEANWIRES commented on the song:

In many ways this is the song that defines OCEANWIRES. It was one of our earliest songs we wrote together. It represents our attempt to build tension with angular guitars and propelling tempos that ultimately release into anthemic choruses. My favorite part is the Krautrock-inspired bridge in the middle, where that repetitive, hypnotic beat builds into mayhem. Aaron nailed that section with his vocal urgency. It’s almost maniacal. It was a fun to write together and send it into various directions before landing on this arrangement. Fun to play live too!

Einmo added:

We shot this at the Georgetown Steam Plant, a National Historic Landmark, that was built in 1906 to power Seattle’s electric trolley cars. It has all these old steam turbines and switches and electric equipment from the turn of the century. Visually, it was really exciting to shoot there. Walking through those halls with the Neo-Classical architecture and climbing around on the turbines felt like going back in time. It feels sort of like a weird, vintage space ship.

Aaron Starkey of OCEANWIRES commented on the video:

The video has nothing to do with the context or meaning of the song and that’s what i find appealing and wonderful. Art occupies the space that the consumer of the art has to be filled with, given their own perspective and notions. Using a retired power plant as the setting creates a metaphorical relationship that was unintentional but utterly appropriate. Let the meaning of it carry forth into your own place and time.

About the band:

OCEANWIRES is the story of a band seeking the space between the waves with the conviction that there never was a was. Entering the studio with only rough silhouettes of songs, the band wrote as the tape rolled. There was no past version of the song to reference or inform the process, only the future.

Lyrically they explored the paths connecting who they are, who they were, and who they will become. Timeless in nature, specific in the now.

Charged, slanted, hopeful, possessed, loud.

Sonically inspired by the angular guitar works of Television and Savages, Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite) and Aaron Starkey (Gibraltar) initially set out together to find the space between their own waves three years ago as they started writing ideas around the singular promise of an ancient Korg KR-55 drum machine. It was a start, but not an ending.

Tension breeds creativity. Risks nurture imagination and reward. This was the simple concept behind the formation of OCEANWIRES. Pull songwriters away from their familiar songwriting habits and inspire them to collaborate in new ways that stretch them outside of their comfort zones. Many authors. One book. Now go write it.

Fast forward to now, with a full band (and the drum machine sitting quietly on the shelf watching jealousy) of Jeff Baars on drums (Mike Johnson, Long Dark Moon) and Samantha Wilder on bass (Princess), OCEANWIRES arrives. The full-length album, There Never Was a Was, was produced and recorded by Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Nirvana, Naked Giants, Soundgarden, Wedding Present, Low, Beat Happening) and Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon).

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Top photo by Niffer Calderwood

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