Interview with Old Wives vocalist/bassist Ryan Dix | By John B. Moore

You’d think receiving the news that your drummer was joining the popular punk group Teenage Bottlerocket would make it nearly impossible to soldier on. “On the contrary,” says Ryan Dix, vocalist and bassist of the Canadian pop punk band Old Wives, “it has pushed us to be better at what we do. Not that we were terribly complacent to begin with, but it’s made us realize how possible things are.” Drummer Darren Chewka will now be splitting his time between both bands.

“We practice usually a few times a week—whether that’s to actually practice or to just jam a few songs and hang out,” Dix says. “We are all great friends, and I think that’s an incredibly important thing for us. Some bands might just pack it up when a member takes off in another band, but not us; we are working harder and smarter than ever to ensure we all succeed to the point that we want.”

Old Wives have made good use of that practice time. They are put out their new record, Three, on May 5 via Little Rocket Records. “We had a lot of outside issues affecting us as people at the time [of writing the album], and we really tried to capture a lot of that in the songs,” Dix says. “At its core, it is a pop punk album, but it’s fast and aggressive. We were very mindful of cutting the fat—so to speak—on this record. We felt that some of our previous efforts had gotten too far away from what we were about: good songs, in and out. Say what you need to say and get out. I am extremely excited about the album!”

The band also digitally released their entire back catalog via Little Rocket as a “pay what you want” offering.

The band plan to record more music soon and release a new 7”. “[We’re] pushing it as far as we can!” Dix says. “We feel motivated. We want to have the best 2017 that Old Wives can possibly have – new experiences, new places, new countries, new friends. Party!”

Purchase Three here.


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