Palma Violets
(Rough Trade)

The reverb and slight jangle of the opening guitar strums, added with the percussion, this is Stones worship. That 1966 grit of “Connection”, “All Sold Out”, “Congratulations”, etc. But Palma Violets quickly shed that limiting description by adding in atmospheric elements of Joy Division and the Manchester sound. The sound goes from the (Rolling) Stones to the Stone Roses, very quickly and adeptly. That said, they also infuse a great deal of Van Morrsion’s Them.

Coming on Rough Trade, this is no surprise. This is moody, pouty pop with injections of swirling rhythms to get you to dance. It’s like watching early Truffaut, You can be infected with inhibition molting frenzied dancing and then put in the corner with a somber pulse of regret. Grab a whiskey.

It sounds familiar and new. Paired with the eerie lingering Hammond on “Chicken Dippers”, the lo-fi drums’ rumbling aid the sound in being fresh and haunting. “Step Up for Cool Cats” begins with a quieter feel but the increasing stomping drum beat leads us to a care-free frenetic ending. This occurs only to jump into the lush sway of “All the Garden Birds”. And chaos returns on the frenzied “Johnny Bagga Donuts”. “We Found Love” is an organ centered brilliant declaration of vulnerability and disregard. I pictiure it sung with caution abandoned and rain dampening the band.

A remarkable album, steep in that 1960’s London mod sound with dirty rock and blues at its core.

FFO: Stones, The Who, Warsaw, Them, Libertines, The Booze, Filthy Nights, frilly clothes and pronounced ascots. (Hutch13)

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