Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

When we hear about an acoustic show, we often think “ah.. it’s an acoustic show; this is gonna be boring af #fullbandpls.” But definitely not for this tour. The two co-headliners are no stranger to big crowds and great sing-a-longs as they play the songs that aim straight to the feels department.

Opening the show were 3 bands who are more known to play as full band outfits than acoustic but last night they swapped their electric guitars and distortion pedals, left their drummers at home, and played very intimate sets for the crowd. Big thumbs up to Crooked Teeth, Cold Collective and Can’t Swim for letting their hair down and exposing themselves in a very solemn environment.

Allison Weiss played next and I already know that my heart will be drowned in feels. And indeed it was. It was my first time seeing Allison after having listened to her jams forever and it was a very perfect first time for me.

Closing up the night is Aaron West (without the Roaring Twenties). For those who don’t know, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties is Dan Campbell of The Wonder Year’s side project where Mr. Campbell takes on the persona of Aaron West. Playing both older and newer material, the crowd had a good amount of sing-a-long to fill up a very solemn Oakland Metro. AWATRT is definitely a must have for anyone’s playlists.

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Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Allison Weiss

Can’t Swim

Cold Collective

Crooked Teeth


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