Words & Photos by Breta Branyon

My first band of the day at the Warped Tour is Los Angeles-based punk ska group The Interrupters. The band is on the Warped Tour promoting their second album “Say It Out Loud” on Hellcat Records. Despite the sweltering heat in West Palm Beach, The Interrupters do not disappoint. Their singer Aimee Interrupter fronts this 4 piece outfit and delivers a Two-Tone and street punk tinged dynamic set.

Guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, and drummer Jesse Bivona all came together to knock out a strong, high energy and bouncey show. They also added in keyboards and horns (with the help of Reel Big Fish) to round out the sound. Their show was a great balance of ska and street punk and kept the crowd moving through the set.

Great start for the day and off I head to check out the next band.

The Interrupters


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