Photos by Ashley Day

As I was driving up to the venue all I could see was an endless line consisting of a very diverse crowd of kids and adults. It reminded me of the countless shows and hours I spent waiting in line to see my favorite artists perform when I was a kid. Now I get to skip any line I please because I work these shows!

Onto the show, I Prevail opened up the night with their unique post hardcore sound. With the beat of the first song, the crowd’s energy instantly picked up. I’ve photographed I Prevail numerous times in Minneapolis, and with each show their crowds got more energetic.

In a blink of an eye, Neck Deep took over the stage with their pop punk presence. Their energy was quick and moody, just what you would expect from the Welsh group. And by the end of their set people were crowd surfing left and right.

To finish off the night with a bang, Pierce The Veil eerily stormed the stage through their outer space stage props after a short projected visual depicting their latest album art. Instantly, the crowd went nuts; crowd surfing, moshing, and screaming, crying fans filled the venue. About mid set they slowed it down with one of their most popular songs, Kissing In Cars. There was not a dry eye present. But they finished strong with some of their heaviest and fastest songs, leaving the crowd satisfied, but hungry for more.

I Prevail

Neck Deep

Pierce The Veil

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