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We’re pleased to bring you the video premiere of Picturesque covering blackbear’s song “Do Re Mi” (watch it below). The original version was released on June 17, 2017, as the first single from blackbear’s studio album Digital Druglord.

Kyle Hollis of Picturesque commented on the cover:

“‘Do Re Mi’ has been one of our favorite songs since it came out a few months ago – been on repeat since. Doing this cover only felt like the natural thing to do. Hopefully people dig it at least 1/10 as much as the original and we’ll be in business!”

Picturesque released their long-awaited debut full-length, Back to Beautiful, on July 14, 2017 through Equal Vision Records. The album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Erik Ron (Saosin, Panic! At The Disco).

“The title ‘Back to Beautiful’ is referring to the early days of the band where we had all relocated to Houston and I went through a rough break up. We were engaged, and I thought I had life from there on out figured out, but I didn’t. It hit me hard mentally and physically. I wasn’t my normal self. I wasn’t sleeping enough because I kept having the same nightmares over and over and when I was awake I was lost in my own thoughts of why things were the way they were. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone, I felt like I was a burden on everyone around me because I was in this rut and I was afraid I would drag everyone around me down into it. This feeling lasted until around the time we finished the record. It was as if I had gotten whatever was making me ill out of my system and my entire demeanor began to reflect the change,” reveals vocalist Kyle Hollis.

Picturesque is led by the truly stunning vocal range and power of Hollis – who showcases his most impressive vocal work to date on the newly released track – and is supported by equally notable instrumentations that blend rock, post-hardcore and pop influences. The band has toured and shared stages with the likes of I the Mighty, blessthefall, Like Moths To Flames, Our Last Night, Secrets, and Sylar.

The band also previously released music videos for “New Face,” “Monstrous Things,” and “Speak Softly.” Picturesque is comprised of Kyle Hollis (vocals), Zach Williamson (guitar), Dylan Forrester (guitar) and Jordan MGreenway (bass).

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