Plans photo by Nick Brock

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Plans’ live video performance of their song “Letters” at Bad Racket. Video produced by Black Valve Media.

Plans vocalist/guitarist Cody Almond had this to say about their ‘Live From Bad Racket’ session:

“The live session was great! It was fun to work on a song we haven’t released yet with such an incredible and talented team. Doing a live session put a sense of pressure on our abilities as musicians to not only play the song cleanly but being the energy of a one of our concerts. We were lucky enough to film this video at the end of one of our tours, after we had spent a couple weeks playing together every night. That made things a lot easier. The song ‘Letters’ has been a crowd favorite regardless of it not being released. We can’t wait to not only release this session but get back into the studio and smash out a new record that includes this title.”

Plans is an emo band based out of Indianapolis, made up of Cody Almond (Guitar, Vocals), Sebastian Richey (Drums, Vocals), John DeWitte (bass), and AJ Patiag (Guitar). Currently supporting their first EP Ending/Starting that was released in July and spending much of 2016 recording and touring that EP. Plans intends to do the same in 2017 with the release of a follow up EP, and continued touring the US.

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