We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Pleasures of the Flesh’s music video for their new single “L’illusion Des Sosies” (watch it below). The band comments on the song/video:

“‘L’illusion Des Sosies’ is our first single, and one of the first songs we wrote. It’s about how fleeting self-identity can often feel, and how distressing that can be in this world of Twitter comments and outrage over everything. It seems like everyone is so sure of themselves about everything, which can make you feel insignificant and unsure of your own place in the world. The title goes along with that message and is French for the sensation of feeling like people you know have been replaced with imposters. The video was directed by Danielle Bartley, and we love their interpretation of the song. The editing was done by Duncan Salot.”

About the band:

Pleasures of the Flesh started in late 2016. We’re a 5-piece rock band from Louisville, Kentucky trying to give the world something unique in a world full of rock bands. We all played in a previous band together, and as we’ve traveled the country we’ve seen that Louisville is a unique place to be from; a modern city full of people with a small-town perspective. We hope we can translate that uniqueness to the music we make.

We’re all in our mid to late 20s, and most of us have been doing this for over half our lives. This is all we know how to do. We want to try to give people the feeling that music gave us – that made us dedicate our lives to this. That feeling we have when we’re on tour, on a beautiful drive, heading towards wherever we’re playing that night, and everyone has their headphones in, listening to something they love, and seeing that we all know exactly who we are. That song playing at that moment gives you a sense of purpose. Everyone has surely had that feeling. We write music to help understand who we are, but also to play our small part in that beautiful thing, where something someone else made helps you find something about yourself.

Along with our debut single and video, we’ll have various songs bubbling to the surface soon, with our debut full length coming in the not so distant future. We can’t wait to share it all with you, and to tour to whatever city you may be reading this from.

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