“After spending 9 months recording in a local studio, we parted ways and sought to record ourselves. ‘Creator’ is the first song from these new sessions, and I think it’s an accurate interpretation and fitting continuation of our sound. For the sake of editing the video, I recorded what was intended to be a throwaway vocal take on my laptop in my car in a Family Dollar parking lot, but ended up digging it and keeping it. We had to pass our camera back and forth to film each other for the video and ended up getting face paint on everything. So although it’s a little messier, doing things our way is the only way for us. We’ll never hesitate about that again.” – Pono AM

About the band:

Pono AM is a one-part garage, one-part psych, two-parts pop quartet from St. Louis, Missouri. Catchy vocal melodies, crunchy guitar hooks and pounding percussion round out the group’s sonic vision that is simultaneously abrasive and invitingly fun. Releasing their debut EP, Here’s Pono AM, just months after forming and playing their first gigs, Pono AM continues to brand themselves through various music videos prepared and shot themselves, as well as ushering in several recurring stage motifs in their live performance, including balloons and matching black sweaters. With their full length debut, Variety Hour, being released in mid-2018 and their eyes set on more touring, Pono AM seek to bring their pop-infested Rock and Roll Garage Circus to more listeners throughout the United States and beyond.

Upcoming Shows:
3/24 – Pono AM’s Variety Hour Act 2: Featuring Miss Molly Simms and Essential Knots at Blueberry Hill Duck Room [FB Event]
4/20 – A Most Dope Evening at Bottle & Barrel (Alton, Illinois) [FB Event]
6/10 – The Lonely Biscuits at The Monocle [FB Event]

Connect with the band:
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