Check out CH3’s Punk Rock Bowling 2017 Spotify playlist below. Mike Magrann of CH3 comments:

“Ah, Punk Rock Bowling weekend here again! The scars from 2016 just now fading, the hangovers and shameful hookups just barely forgotten, and the promise of a long weekend with a few thousand like-minded maniacs shines on the horizon. The weekend starts with the drive, everyone in the car fresh and flush. Our playlist is what that long haul up Interstate 15 sounds like in the van: songs old and new, performed by friends and heroes. The desert rolls past and with a soundtrack blasting, volume cranked, yet not able to drown out the laughter of friends along for the ride. See ya there.”

CH3 will be performing at Punk Rock Bowling 2017 on Saturday, May 27th at The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas, NV with The Mr. T Experience and The Lucky Eejits.

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