We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Precious Child’s music video for their song “Come Back” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album WHOLLOHW, which is available for purchase/streaming here.

‘Come Back’ is the final music video in the series comprised of ‘WHOLE’, ‘HOLLOW’, ‘THE WAY’ and ‘Come Back’. The music video is a fictional behind the scenes for the video ‘WHOLE’. Come Back and WHOLE are rivers of the same sea and they spiral together. My art practice is to be an avatar of various experiences and intentions, an abstract communique embodied as a mutable entity. The avatar from the albums TRAPPED and WHOLLOHW gained their power via embracing the mystery of identity. I’m beginning a new cycle and ‘Come Back’ is my good-bye and greeting.

Tour Dates:
11/15/18 Seattle, WA @ Club Contour
11/16/18 Abbotsford, BC @ Carport Manor
11/18/18 Vancouver, BC @ Stylus Records
11/19/18 Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur
11/20/18 Portland, OR @ Lovecraft
12/7/18 Miami, FL @ Space Mountain – Gallery Opening
12/11/18 Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
12/12/18 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s
12/13/18 Winston-Salem, NC @ Monstercade
12/14/18 Asheville, NC @ Static Age
12/16/18 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
12/18/18 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506

About the band:

Visceral and surreal, Precious Child exists at the convergence of conceptual art and experimental music to create confrontational and captivating audiovisual work. They are currently on tour in support of their 2018 album, WHOLLOW.

The artist collaborates closely with multimedia artist and director Cade, whose work explores the worlds of fetish, gender deconstruction and post-internet intimacy. Their first collaborative release was the video for “My Little Problem (Violet Door)”, along with “Phantom”, an experiential audiovisual artist’s statement for Precious Child’s 2017 album TRAPPED, and they worked together on the video for WHOLLOW‘s lead single “WHOLE”.

When not touring, Precious Child continues to work on new music with multi-platinum producer Ulrich Wild (Slipknot, Stone Temple Pilots, White Zombie, Deftones) and members of Filter and Puscifer.

Connect with the band:
Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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