Sicily (Italy) based black metal acts Fordomth and Malauriu join forces to release the split single Twin Serpent Dawn. Containing one song per band, the split is due to be released on June 20, 2019 via Masked Dead Records and August 25, 2019 via Black Mourning Productions.  

Twin Serpent Dawn is a peremptory display of the state of health of extreme music in Sicily (Italy) . Although its limited duration, the release presents Fordomth and Malauriu as the new school of occult black metal in a land whose history is marked by myths, legends and traditions often way far from the sunny and touristic Sicily. That is not by chance that the two band’s paths now cross despite their different roots – funeral doom the former, primordial raw black the latter – converging towards a unified sound, witnessing the common humus of attitude and devotion towards millenary, occult and inscrutable atmospheres.

Twin Serpent Dawn flows from the blood of Saturn’s beheading, generating a bicephalous serpent consisting of Malauriu and Fordomth, the new school of occult black metal made in Trinacria. The rise of the black dawn begins with this damned and asphyxiating release,” the bands comment.

 Twin Serpent Dawn will be released on June 20, 2019 in mini-cdr format limited to 66 copies via Masked Dead Records and on August 25, 2019 in 7″ black vinyl, limited to 300 copies via Black Mourning Productions. Artwork by MarGoat.


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