Another Crush just released their new, self-titled EP today, and to get us pumped, they also released a video for the track “It Sucks.”

Another Crush is an alternative rock outfit from of the burgeoning musical hotbed of Hamilton, Ontario. They are what fuzzy peaches would sound like if they were a band. Their sound is 90s nostalgic with a fresh twist, marked by velvet vocals, catchy melodies, and soaring solos. Their lyrics relay the difficulty in living with yourself, living with others, and in carrying on without them.

They are Heather Valley (vocals + guitar), Taylor Roberston (lead guitar), ands Dave Habza (bass). This band should not exist. Heather was a practicing lawyer. Dave had an MBA, and Taylor had been accepted to business school. Dave had the idea of creating a revival 90s alternative rock band, but a series of parallel tragedies made it something much deeper. Heather had a breakdown after her con-man ex was arrested in front of her at the U.S. border, and Taylor’s immediate family passed away in a tragic plane crash. They lost everything and transmuted their pain through song, creating Another Crush.

“‘It Sucks’ is a song about being in love when you don’t want to be,” the band explains.

“He said: ‘I’m falling in love with you.’
I said: ‘I’m falling in love with you too.’
He replied: ‘… I said I think I’m falling in love with you…’

“This song is for everyone who put their heart on the line when it wasn’t safe. Don’t let it harden you. Own your vulnerability, and live the highs and lows of life as fully as you can.”

Grab their album online. 


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