New Noise Magazine is pleased to be premiering the EP All The Kinds Of Love You’ll Find by Anyone Anyway. The group play with space and layers to bring forth a really trance like experience while listening to the EP. The opening track bubbles and bursts with emotional vocal lines, setting the stage for the rest of the release. The middle has a vicious choir section while the song descends into a maddening finale. ‘Sway” is full of syncopated, bombastic whiplashes of sections. There’s a detonation of energy on “I Wish There Was A Way To Know” as well. This EP is full of flawless musicianship, and can be heard below!

“We’re thrilled to share with you our new album, All The Kinds of Love You’ll Find. This release marks a new chapter for us and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds. To anyone who has supported us in any way, this one is for you. Cory Bergeron played an integral role in the creation of this release and we can’t thank him enough. We’d also like to thank Joey Demers, Michael Watson, and Rick Couto for their creative contributions as well as Flesh & Bone Design, Sunny McCarty, Madison Peck, and Mike Collington for their visual work.”

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Anyone Anyway is a Providence based 5-piece alt-rock band inspired by mid-2000’s emo rock and post-hardcore. Vocalist Nick McCarty and drummer Max Couto started the band in 2012 after meeting guitarist Colin Peck. By 2014 the band was playing out regularly. In 2016 Nick Almeida joined the lineup as a second guitarist and by then the band had self-released two short singles entitled, “Loving” (2015) and “Unloving” (2016). In 2017 the band recorded new material in Canada and began touring as much as they could. Looking ahead, Anyone Anyway hopes to keep proving themselves on the road and in the studio.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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