New Noise Magazine is getting gritty with the premiere of “Come With Me” by Arrows of Love. The song is an experimental track that dabbles with noise and amplifies them to a deafening heartbeat. “Come With Me” is off of Arrow of Love’s upcoming release, PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse. The record is currently on pre-order via Pledge Music.

“Come With Me” opens with dissonance immediately, scratching with guitar chords and percussive elements on an atypical structure. Vocals weave their way through the song in various forms, catching wind of the element of passion and using it to fuel the song entirely. Arrows of Love provide an urgency to the performance with their beckoning cries. The quintet is led by songwriters Nima and Nuha, the group is making a ton of noise in the U.K. right now, and New Noise is pleased to bring this to the world. PRODUCT is a record full of noise, but distinct melodies make its way into the writing as well, evidenced by vocal deliveries that are more than memorable, piercing ears with their unique embrace. For now, listen to “Come With Me” in anticipation of the record, which is out July 21st.

“The song is a collection of scenarios and themes personal to me.

Ghosts from the past, wrestles with mental health, destructive patterns and loss of control.
It plays out like a scene from a film noir – the story stems from manic depressive episodes characterised by two people who are really the same person; one in highest control while one is the weakest.
The themes are loss, addiction, sex and mourning with a detachment from reality.” – Nuha



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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