New Noise Magazine is feeling a surge of powerful energy thanks to the premiere of “The Great Heist” by BIG MOTHER GIG. Last year the group returned from a 20 year hiatus and has since stunned the world with new music. “The Great Heist” is the newest release from the group, riding a power-rock progression of catchy lyrics and bigger orchestration. This new single, which can be heard below, still comments on the Trump administration. BIG MOTHER GIG might have been gone for awhile, but their awareness of the now is incredible, and that is what “The Great Heist” registers for their incredible catalogue.

“We are all really affected by today’s current political climate and by what appears to be a fleecing of the American public,” said singer and guitarist Richard Jankovich. “We wanted to write about what future generations would think when they would look back at this.” The song opens with an bouncy rhythm, melodic crunchy guitars and vocals upfront and center. As the song builds, the guitars get punchier and it all explodes into a soaring chorus which predicts that “Someday they’ll call this The Great Heist!”

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Originally formed in 1992, BIG MOTHER GIG released 3 albums of punk-influenced Midwestern alternative rock until their break-up in 1996 when singer Richard Jankovich moved to New York. Throughout the 2000s, Jankovich would achieve success with his indie electronica acts Burnside Project (who’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin” was the theme to Showtime’s “Queer As Folk” and went Top 30 in Japan) and Pocket (who’s Radiohead remix crashed servers when it was linked by Pitchfork).

In 2016, Jankovich sought to revive the long dormant BMG in an effort to get back to his roots. BIG MOTHER GIG released Almost Primed, their first release in 20 years, in 2017 which was a return to their ‘90s alt-rock glory combining the punk-influenced Midwestern rock of Husker Du with current hard-hitting rockers like Beach Slang.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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