New Noise Magazine is stoked to be bringing forth the premiere of “Nametag” by Big Mother Gig. With a conceptually immersive music video to go along with an already catchy song, “Nametag” is sure to be a highlight of anyone’s day. The song is a blistering swirl of punk aesthetic with an incredible knack for maintaining melodies and hooks into the gnashing guitars.

“Since our new EP Almost Primed came out earlier this year, we’ve been playing shows and one thing I’d noticed was how well “Nametag” was feeling in our sets. Crowds really seemed to respond to it but we’d never considered it a single. Then, one night I had a dream where I saw all these dancing name tags, the kind you’d get at a corporate convention, that said “Hello my name is Big Mother Gig” on it. We took that as divine intervention, got this lyric video whipped up and pulled together a new mix of ‘Nametag’ to highlight it as the pop song we maybe didn’t realize it was before.” – Big Mother Gig

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Big Mother Gig is an alternative rock, power-pop band based in Los Angeles.

Originally formed in 1992 in Milwaukee, BMG played hundreds of shows around the Midwest and released 3 albums of melodic and emotive punk-influenced rock and roll. Musically, they pulled from a small set of influences: Midwestern indie acts Replacements and Husker Du with a splash of classic hard rock like AC/DC and The Who. They built up a reputation for explosive performances in which the band was known to break instruments and heckle the audience. They even started an honest-to-goodness bar-room brawl in Northern Wisconsin – the only thing missing was the chicken wire.

At their final show in 1996, a showcase for record labels, Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum proclaimed them “energetic” while A&R reps expressed interest. But the band went on hiatus as singer and chief songwriter Richard Jankovich moved to NYC. Throughout the 2000s, Jankovich would achieve modest success with his indie electronica acts Burnside Project (who’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin” was the theme to Showtime’s “Queer As Folk” and went Top 30 in Japan) and Pocket (who’s Radiohead remix crashed servers when it was linked by Pitchfork).

In 2013, Jankovich sought to revive the long dormant BMG in an effort to get back to his roots so he began to connect with all former members and scene supporters. In 2017, after a 21-year hiatus, BMG returned with “Almost Primed”, an EP of 6 hard-hitting rock songs has been praised by Alternative Press, PASTE, New Noise, Impose, AllThingsGo, PlayTooMuch, Substream, PureGrainAudio and more. The EP features “Alvarado”, a punchy, punk-tinged indie rock banger with flippant social commentary infused in the lyrics and a huge hook that makes the song accessible in spite of it’s outsider message. BMG topped it off with a well-received hometown reunion show.

Now based in Los Angeles, where Jankovich has lived since 2008, BMG is playing shows around the West Coast and working on material for a new album. They have recently played alongside Alvarez Kings (Warner/Sire), The Yawpers (Bloodshot), Yacht Punk, Sleeper Hold, TV Dinner, FS Camels, Pet Engine, You’re Pretty, Slurr and more.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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