New Noise Magazine is taking heavy strides into the weekend thanks to “Beard of Bees” by Brenda. The track is a loud, ready to roll burst of thick distortion and bombastic rhythm pulses. The energetic Brenda place all of their passion into the song, letting “Beard Of Bees” roar with a certain tenacity that feels like a raw garage band playing right there in the room. The track comes off of the band’s debut EP Creeper which is set for release this November.

“We found this funny picture online of a guy with a beard made out of bees which we thought would be a fitting name for the song. It’s simple and fast paced, our songs are generally slower so we like to stick it in the middle of our set to give the listener a different type of energy. We also think it fits well with the lyrics of the song, that basically describes a type of scourge sweeping across humanity, kind of like what bees or locusts might be like.” – Brenda

A 4 piece band formed in late 2015. Members Andrew Overton, Jordan May and Matt Meszda have a background being in punk bands together playing in the Toronto scene- After splitting apart, Brenda was formed with the same lineup with the addition of John Watson as frontman and guitar player. The sound can be described as heavy psychedelic. Andrew’s punk background in drumming lends itself well to the psychedelic sound, giving it the burst of energy it needs on heavy choruses. Matt’s solos have been described as reminiscent of Neil Young in structure. John’s falsetto vocals have often been described as adding a haunting eeriness to what in some cases is rather joyful music- this caters very well to their single and new music video for Children, which describes the manipulation of someone by a clown and the inevitability of growing up. Focusing heavily on their live show and setup, a vast array of granular and analog delays and effects are used to produce unique on the spot nuances to their sound resulting in a different experience every time.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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