BRKN LOVE presents “Papercuts,” a track that will give you just a little taste of how awesome their dark, atmospheric sound can be. Their full, self-titled album is out November 22 via Spinefarm.

“‘Papercuts’ represents the darker sides of our lives, the parts we try to push down and make go away,” the band says. “It’s inevitable that at some point in everyone’s life, you’ll run into trouble; this song is about persevering through those times. I feel that this video captures the vibe perfectly. Our director, Nic, did this amazing, stop-motion animation thing; he cut over 2000 images by hand and made it all look dark and moody. The grainy footage, the dark atmosphere, the dynamic of the ghoulish couple, it’s all something I’m very excited to share with the world. I hope you all enjoy this piece of BRKN LOVE we are giving to you. I can’t wait to give you all more. Thank you.”

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