We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Casey’s music video for their song “Little Bird” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s debut full-length Love Is Not Enough, which was just released in North America for the first time through Hassle Records. You can purchase the album digitally here and physically here.

About the band:

Casey exists in the contrasts. The South Wales band’s debut full length, Love Is Not Enough, is an amalgamation of often-opposing sonic and lyrical concepts that’s held together by one stark constant: passion. In the world of Casey, there’s plenty of room for conflict, but if you’re going to feel something, feel it hard. 

Love Is Not Enough is an impressively dynamic debut, one that finds Casey leaning into dichotomy. Pummeling bursts of distortion seamlessly flow between hauntingly intricate passages, as the band deftly utilizes the intense aggression of hardcore and melodicism of emotional alternative to make a record that is demanding and nuanced, but instantly impactful. 

Casey’s knack for conflict isn’t limited to the instrumentation. Love Is Not Enough focuses on the idea that even the strongest form of affection is rarely the sole solution to life’s painful scenarios. Based on real life experiences, the tracks are vignettes portraying the ache of love’s shortcomings; parents grappling with a child’s mental health; a failing romantic relationship; the inability to repay a debt of gratitude after a prevented suicide attempt. Vocalist/lyricist, Tom Weaver, is heartbreakingly open on the page and his harrowing performance holds together the disparate musical styles of Love Is Not Enough.

Rarely does a band so meticulously combine concept and craft, but on Love Is Not Enough, this attention to detail and unbridled passion has allowed Casey to make an album that is as compelling as it is cathartic.

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