New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the Caustic Casanova cover of “Cow” originally by the Melvins. With plenty of bombastic energy, Caustic Casanova take the song and spin it perfectly into another captured performance of the noisy track. Here, the band took the infamous drum solo and added their distorted guitars into a menacing beatdown, also adding a swirling guitar solo into the mix, giving the song a more frantic pace. Listen to the cover below, and be sure to tune into your punk aesthetic while doing so. Recently, the band released their LP Breaks via Retro Futurist records, but is releasing Pantheon: Vol 2 on 09/08.

“For the second edition of our Pantheon 7 inch series, with an original on one side and a cover on the other, with artwork paying tribute the band being covered, the Melvins were an obvious and perfect choice. They’re one of our biggest influences, musically and aesthetically, and they have a tradition of doing excellent covers, as well as a long history of artwork parodying and honoring other bands. As for the track itself, while plenty of artists have covered other songs on 1991’s seminal release Bullhead, we know of no other existing recorded cover of closing track ‘Cow.’ We thought ‘Cow’ would give us the most artistic leeway for reinterpretation. Rather than copying Dale Crover’s drum solo, we did a psychedelic guitar/double theremin/spoken word noise rock jam to finish the song. It’s madness, and we love it.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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