“Pet Tiger So He Stops Barking,” the lead track from the two song EP Best Worst Birthday Ever, originally debuted as a digital self-release. And now, Charmer has teamed up with Have Fun Records to release the EP adventure on a limited light pink cassette, set to be released March 4th and available for pre-order now. Check out the music video for “Pet Tiger So He Stops Barking” below.

Charmer comments on the signing:

“We’re all really thankful for the opportunity; a year ago I would have laughed if you told me I was even playing in a band so working with one of the labels that was on the top of our list and also from Michigan has been the best.”

Hailing from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Charmer is primed to join Hot Mulligan in showing the rest of the world there’s more than trees and snow in the UP. The re-release of Best Worst Birthday Ever is just the jumping off point for Charmer as they have at least 3 other releases planned for 2016. If you’re into the lo-fi jangly emo/punk of bands like Dowsing, Spraynard and Brave Bird, be sure to leave room for Charmer on your playlist.

Stream both tracks from Best Worst Birthday Ever below.


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