We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Cinema Century’s new music video for their song “Ultra-Violent” (watch it below). All sales from this song are being donated to Childhelp, a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. You can purchase the song through Bandcamp.

Cinema Century vocalist/lyricist Jake Bryant comments on the song:

“‘Ultra-Violent’ is about the violence our modern culture is seemingly calloused to and how empathy is the only way to rectify the pain we inflict on each other.

I wrote ‘Ultra-Violent’ from the perspective of someone with an aerial view of humanity. I think if we could all see how we treat each other from that perspective we would have an intense realization. We kill each other over the most trivial of things like skin color, imaginary borders and where we believe we go when we die. Since the dawn of man, we have handed down this violence from one generation to the next. That’s what this video is bringing awareness to. Our history as a race is full of war, genocide and suffering. If we would only be more open to empathy and realize that we are all in this together, so many lives would be spared. Humans have such an amazing capacity for good; imagine if more of us decided to exercise that. I’m optimistic that we all can change, myself included. It may take time, but the potential for a better world is there for the taking – if we really want it.”

Part alternative rock band, part grand social experiment, Cinema Century (stylized as “C/\C”) hails from Dayton, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2017, C/\C released their debut single (and companion video) for “Adrenaline” in March 2017, with all proceeds from the sale of the song benefiting To Write Love On Her Arms.

C/\C isn’t content with just shaping the current musical landscape, they seek to bring genuine hope, illuminate social and justice issues, and better yet, change the world.

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