New Noise Magazine is feeling groovy with the premiere of “Hour of the Wolf” by Crash City Saints. The song feels perfectly entwined in the 80s era of ridiculously stunning music with highlights of amicable musical melodies and a sturdy atmosphere. “Hour of the Wolf” is a graceful tune with an airy, gritty vocal presence that keeps the song grounded. The pace and timing of the crashes in the song is great for easing the mind on a walk, with a music video that visualizes this rather perfectly. Strap on your walking shoes and take Crash City Saints out with you and enjoy the hour of the wolf. “Hour of the Wolf” is off of Are You Free, due out August 11th on Saint Marie Records.

Joshua Garman says about the song, “I was homeless for a little over a year of my life… My memories of that time are mostly of walking; I walked everywhere, constantly. If you stayed in one place for too long, the cops would without fail arrive and shoo you away. The only thing that kept me sane was my Walkman and a collection of tapes featuring mixes of songs by my favorite artists of the day. The video for “The Hour of the Wolf” was shot in parts of Detroit and my hometown of Kalamazoo by the very talented folks from Three Goats Moving Pictures winter of last year. I can’t take much credit for it beyond giving them the song and the initial idea for its central theme. Very proud of it nevertheless.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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