New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the premiere of “Bamboo Town” by Curvs. The Norwegian Synth Rock duo is full of flavor and hypnotic patterns, evidenced in their exclusive premiere below. “Bamboo Town” utilizes a core of percussive elements to keep the song grooving along, allowing the other instruments to dance around this framework. Curvs represent everything fantastical about having an eerie atmosphere be present in music. “Bamboo Town” is off of their upcoming record, Hauntropics, out on March 16th via Fysisk Format.

“‘Bamboo Town’ was not only the first track we wrote for the album, it also formed the pattern for the “audio letter” format that we developed as the overall idea for the Hauntropics album. I would say it is the album’s core track: Cannibalism! Paranoia! Jungle psychosis!” – Curvs

Pre-order Hauntropics here.

Childhood friends Hjalmar Myksvoll-Singh and Øystein Redalen own their own studio, converted from a potato cellar in Norway. Free rein during recording and inspiration from a multitude of genres ranging from krautrock to electropop has given Hauntropics its rich, psychedelic and indefinite sound.

Infused with driving guitar riffs and pumping bass synths, this record treats its listener to progressive electronic music reminiscent of French house artists like Kavinsky one minute, and propulsive Nirvana-esque punk the next. Their masterful production allows this record to flow naturally and enables the listener to share in their vision.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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