Down By Law are stoked to premiere a brand-new track, “DC Guns,” from their new album Quick Hits Live in the Studio, October 4 via Kung Fu Records.

“We tried to strike a balance between the songs that are considered our hits and songs that maybe got passed over in our catalog,” explains lead guitarist Sam Williams. “For instance, ‘DC Guns’ is an incredibly obscure song that’s hard to find, and if you do find it, it’s not well recorded. A lot of the songs have evolved as well, since we’ve been honing our chops. We just tried to evenly represent a big span of our career up until this point. We are the band that will never stop. We still love making music together and we’ll keep doing it until we are physically unable.”

“Old and obscure one, it was written in a transitional period for DBL between Blue and PRAFS. At this point, the band was doing a ton of songs for singles with smaller labels as well as compilations. This one appeared on a limited seven-inch, I believe. It’s very hard to find, and it never made its way over to the digital world. To me as a listener, it showcases the band’s Motorhead side. Hence, when adding my own spice to it (I did not play on the original recording) I pretty much did my best Fast Eddie (RIP) impression for the intro and outro. John suggested putting this one on the album.” -Sam Williams

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