We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Drug Control’s new song “Think Straight” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Stabbed, which is scheduled to be released on February 3rd through New Age Records. You can pre-order the EP here.

Stabbed Track Listing:
1. Intro/DC Crew
2. Feeling Trapped
3. Persist
4. Stabbed
5. Think Straight
6. Protect

About Drug Control:

Formed in 2014, Drug Control’s biggest mission has been to put San Diego Straight Edge on the map. At a time when California’s hardcore scene seems to pale in comparison to its East Coast contingent, Drug Control have been slowly cultivating a scene with such bands as Fury, Discrepancy and Step 4 Change. Ultimately, this landed them on New Age Records which has released such legendary hardcore bands as Unbroken, Lifetime, Abuse of Power and many more.

“I was introduced to the band from our head of A&R Steven Callaway,” says New Age owner Mike Harts eld. “Immediately, I was inspired and reminded of why I started the label and play straight edge hardcore in the rst place.”

With lyrics and music that are as straight forward and to the point as the band’s name, Drug Control recently completed their second west coast/midwest tour. They are currently in the process of setting up another west coast tour for April 2017 with the east coast following shortly after.

“It was a real honor to get the call from Mike and to end up on the same label as some of our favorite bands like Turning Point and Outspoken”, says guitarist Derek Sinock.

With in uences ranging from Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSD, and Youth of Today, Drug Control aims to be as far reaching as their name implies. After releasing a demo on Criminal Rights Records, Drug Control released their debut 7” on Straight and Alert/Coin Toss Records. Ultimately, this is what led to them releasing the “Stabbed” 7” on New Age/Straight and Alert Records.

“I started New Age Records with a goal,” Harts eld goes on to say. “I wanted to put out hardcore bands that excited me the way I’d been excited to play music. I think Drug Control have a chance to remind people why they were into Uniform Choice, A Chorus of Disapproval, No For An Answer, Chain of Strength and other straight edge bands from California.”

It’s a tall order to be sure but Drug Control welcome the challenge. With a “do anything”, “play anywhere” attitude, the band currently nds themselves on some pretty strong bills regularly between San Diego and Los Angeles. It is that work ethic that they feel will make them memorable.

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