Faking just unveiled a new track, “Less & Less,” from their new album No Comfort, out November 8 via Slugthrower Records.

Faking is a noise rock band from Philadelphia with Jeff Bowne (from Gunna Vahm) on guitar and vocals, Phil Schorn (from Gunna Vahm and Midiron Blast Shaft) on drums, and Matt Garfield (from Mose Giganticus) on bass keys. Their previous releases have been on Reptilian Records, but this time, they’re working with a new independent label based out of Brooklyn called Slugthrower Records.

“This song starts off side B of the record with a cynical arrogance, lyrically. The theme of this record is cycles, people stuck in cycles, and ‘Less & Less’ is looking at a particularly blunt example of that from the view of someone showing absolutely no empathy. This video reflects none of that,” says Bowne.

Preorder the album here. 


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