Exploding with their adrenaline-pumping hard rock, Faux Bandit are here, releasing their third EP, Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019, out Friday, August 2 ahead of their seven-date Australian East Coast tour.

Embedded with dry-wit, rage-fueled lyrics, and even some quickly spoken word, no track is quite like the other.

Front man Adam Brill states, “Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019 is a small collection of songs that are reactions to the mixture of pop culture, celebrity culture, and modern capitalism that see us stripped of our confidence, our passion, and our love for each other. The five tracks on this EP range anywhere from bitter sarcasm to outright despair as we attempt to criticize everything around us and then ourselves.”

If accentuated, on-beat, hard rock with blasting, full-band hits; big distorted slides; harmonic noise and feedback loops is your thing, then Faux Bandit wraps that up in this neat five-track EP, ticking boxes for lovers of heavy/ alt and indie-rock.
Faux Bandit hit the road next week. All tour information can be found below.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Simulator’ Tour Dates
August 11 – Frankie’s Pizza – Sydney | Event Page
August 17 – The Bearded Lady – Brisbane | Event Page
September 5 – The Vineyard – Melbourne | Event Page
September 6 – Young Supper Club – Melbourne | Event Page
September 7 – Bombay Rock – Melbourne | Event Page
September 13 – Banshees Bar – Ipswich | Event Page

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