New Noise Magazine is pleased to enter the final day before the weekend with the premiere of Black Sand by the band Fearing. Indulging in atmospheric sounds layered with a touch of glittering distortion, the EP opens up with its title track, utilizing euphoric and glorious instrumentals that are juxtaposed with a vocal delivery that is a bit haunting. With the bright ambiance and the ominous vocals, Fearing. provide an experience that settles a bit unnaturally, like the days after the time zone change when all of a sudden it’s dark; but there is still beautiful music to be found.

A lot of Black Sand is lead by the driving rhythm sections of each song. “Other Life” opens to the bellowing of a bass and the pounding of a drum, building the song’s hazy charge with a hypnotic pulse. This is an EP full of enough sonic textures to truly get lost in, exactly what an atmospheric post-rock project sets out to do. Black Sand will be released on December 15th, with the vinyl pre-order date going live on Black Friday. Listen to the EP below.

“The material for Black Sand was written over a fairly long period of time. Home recordings of all four of these songs were nearly finished by the time our previous release, A Life Of None was recorded back in March, we just hadn’t gotten around to practicing them. The B-Side of this release was actually never performed until we did them in the studio. We recorded with our close friend Scott Goodrich, who has done most of our previous projects since actual high school era, including A Life Of None. Although it was a bit nerve wracking to go into the studio with a ‘let’s see what happens’ attitude, we had the right crew with us and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.” – Fearing.

Recorded by: Scott Goodrich / Nu Tone Studios
Artwork by: Cassidy McGinley / Instagram: @formlesshorror
Purchase Links:
Band Members: James Rogers (Vocals, Bass), Brian Vega (Vocals, Guitar), RJ Phillips (Guitar), Michael Fenton (Drums)

Upcoming Shows:
November 26th @ Echoplex in L.A. with Brassbox, Glaare, Todavia. Presented by Part Time Punx.
January full west coast tour with Glaare. Dates for the will be announcing next month.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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