Federale just premiered a gorgeous new track, “She’s Headed for the Highway. I’m Bound for the Train,” from their new record, No Justice, out November 8 via Jealous Butcher Records.

Federale is a Portland, OR-based psych-rock group that features members of Brian Jonestown Massacre. No Justice is their fifth studio album, due out November 8 via Jealous Butcher Records. The band will be performing at Levitation Fest in Austin on November 8.
“The song tracks the tale of an unlikely love affair between a well-to-do woman who moves freely along the freeways in her fancy car and a down-on-his-luck drifter relegated to riding the steel rails,” the band says. “The song features lead classical guitar flourishes from acclaimed Portland, OR songwriter and guitarist Edna Vasquez, as well as a cantina string responses from members of the Oregon Symphony.”

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