New Noise Magazine is starting the week off with a heavy punch thanks to the exclusive premiere of “Thank You For The Venom” by Forbidden Seasons. Utilizing gripping dynamics of bombastic instrumentals and crushing vocals, Forbidden Seasons induce a spine tingling blow with their grueling breakdowns. The chorus of “Thank You For The Venom” finds a cleaner delivery in the vocals, cutting through the thick rhythms, adding a higher range to the devastatingly heavy riffs. An emotional vulnerability is present in the song’s lyrics, giving their delivery more urgency, finding a space to reflect and rid of the toxicity. “Thank You For The Venom” is off of Promise, which is Forbidden Seasons’ debut LP, out March 16th via This Is Core Records.

“The song ‘Thank You For The Venom, talks about an ill relationship with someone very dear to me. They played with my life; tried to take advantage of my weaknesses and of my unconditional love and all they did was turn my love into hatred, into venom, consuming my soul. When in times of need this person tried to get back in touch, however they managed to make me feel even worse. They made me numb even though in my veins flows their own rotten blood.” –  Mark Seasons (Vocals)

This Is Core Records

Forbidden Seasons are an Italian metalcore band born in 2016. It is made up by 5 members, Mark, Symon, Danny, Paul and Fede. Their first single “Illusion” came out in December 2016 on Time To Kill Records, followed by the Paramnesia EP which make its debut in January 2017. The lyrics address topics such as society and measures taken by people that, even if oppressed, are able to find hope in what they believe in the most.

In February 2017 the band performs live as special guest for the Cry Excess 2017 Russian Tour, touring the most important Russian cities like Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Voronezh.

At the same time, their first official lyrics video for the song “Shapes” comes out. During the last months, the band has been working on their first yet to be released full length album, which features 10 new tracks.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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