Ghost in the Willow are premiering their latest track, “A Song for Alice,” from their forthcoming EP of the same name, out August 30.

“A Song for Alice” is about the sudden loss of my friend Alice Higgins when I was 21,” says songwriter Gil Rodriguez. “I had never lost someone close to me, let alone to suicide, and I was not prepared to handle the emotions that came after her death. My life suddenly got very serious and very urgent all at once. How would I navigate future friendships? How would I handle positive life events without sharing the news with her? How could I process it? I wrote a song. It became the first proper song I wrote that came from anywhere real. A real experience. Not all of us survive our demons, so it became incredibly important to deal with mine. Alice was sadly the first in a line of many losses over the years to come. She wanted to be a pin-up model at one point, but now she’ll have to settle for being a cover girl on her friends silly batch of tunes.

“As time goes on, the immediate pain heals somewhat, and now I can just think about my friend and the short time we had together just hanging out and being stupid.

“This song and the other two songs on the EP (the punk rock slammer “Curtain” and Replacements cover “Bastards of Young”) were recorded in one 11-hour burst on the hottest July day in Arizona. Between takes, Jeff Niemoeller and crew filmed footage for what is now the music video for the title track. We did all of that in one day. Derrick Fish recorded us, Elijah Newman out in Nashville lent his time and talent with mixing and mastering, Joe Maiocco did all the cover artwork. As this marks the next phase of Ghost In The Willow, we are immensely proud of what we accomplished with this batch of tunes. There will be more to come.”

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