New Noise Magazine is indulging in some soft tones thanks to the exclusive premiere of “Gum” by Have A Good Season. The metaphor of the lyrics is clever, easy to understand and latch onto, but what makes “Gum” a great song is the instrumentals. The guitars provide a steady foundation for the song to embrace its own catchiness. The song was recorded at Timber Studios with Adam Cichocki. The melodies swinging around Have A Good Season represent their knack for songwriting, evidenced by the song streaming below.

“‘Gum’ is a song about being in love and falling out of it, bringing back memories of people who came into your life and left shortly after. It reminds you of seeing a face for the first time. ‘Gum’ is the evocative soundtrack to the moments that left a deep, resounding impact on your adolescent summers.

Have a Good Season is a power trio that started in 2012 playing DIY shows in basements and backyards around New Jersey. Their sound is fresh, blending the emotive drive of older acts like Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr. and American Football with distinct lyricism and melodic intricacies that set them apart from other acts in the “emo” and “indie” genres. With 2 EPs and a single in their catalog, Have a Good Season is an example of committed local musicians with the mindset to bring back the nostalgic sound of the 90s with their own personal twist. Plus, their live set rips.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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