We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of This Gun for Hire’s new song “Good Evening Deacon” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s debut album Something A Little More Sinister, which is scheduled to be released on March 31st.

“‘Good Evening Deacon’ was written about an encounter that was had with a young man that was at the end of his rope. When traveling home one evening, Deacon was happened upon while on the other side of the Granville bridge, ready to leap to an untimely demise. After hours of gentle talking and coaxing, he was talked back to safety on to the other side of the railings.

This song is in his honor, and dedicated to all those who feel the misery and loneliness is too much to bare. Even when things seem their darkest, waking up over and over to the same heartache, and life is repeatedly stomping on you, intent on driving you down; there is hope. And sometimes the love you seek will come from people you’ve never met, showing you your life does in fact matter and things will get better. This song is for Deacon Braun. I hope happiness found you.”

Something A Little More Sinister Track Listing:
1. Infection
2. Something A Little More Sinister
3. From The Earth To The Earth
4. Set This Path
5. Aligator Death Roll
6. Good Evening Deacon
7. In Those Who Do
8. One Hell Bent Lot Lizard
9. Cause For Concern
10. My Meaning
11. Empty Eyes
12. Barn Burner

When most people think of Vancouver, they tend to conjure images of an urban idyll; all shimmering glass towers and majestic, snow capped mountains. Certainly, few make the connection between this picturesque icon of clean and pleasant living and its history of producing some of the heaviest music found outside the traditional foundries of Scandinavia and the British Midlands.

But whether the tourist board likes it or not, Metalcore band This Gun for Hire are joining the likes of fellow Vancouverites Strapping Young Lad and Front Line Assembly in eschewing the Canadian reputation for polite deference, setting out their confrontational musical manifesto with their debut, self-released LP, Something A Little More Sinister.

Formed in early 2015 from the ashes of the once hard rock effort version of This Gun for Hire, and taking cues from the likes of Alexisonfire and Everytime I Die, Tyler Burns (guitars), Shelby Tanaka (vocals) and Axel Verstraeten (guitars), along with a new rhythm section in the shape of drummer Mitch Harsch and bassist Jake Murdoch, had pulled twelve songs together before stepping into the studio with engineer and producer Roger Swan (K-Os, Battle Axe) to record their first clutch of original songs for Something a Little More Sinister.

For all its brevity, Something a Little More Sinister nonetheless displays a keen awareness of pace and dynamics. Moving deftly from the seething chaos of the eponymous opener to the grandiose and melodic epic of To the Fallen and the Faithful, and back again for the staccato grunt of Barn Burner to finish the record, This Gun for Hire leave you in little doubt as to their capabilities.

That theyʼve achieved all of this in less than a year, and entirely on their own efforts, will lead you to expect to hear more of these guys in 2017.

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