Highwind just dropped a new track, “2023,” and you can hear it first right here!

“Highwind wants to spread one message through their music: that it is okay to be open and honest with yourself and others,” the band says. “The songwriting involves a raw expression of honest emotions. These songs are there to encourage our listeners to speak out and be open about how they feel.”

 Highwind is a two-piece pop-rock outfit based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. They were founded by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Chris Russo Jr. Chris wrote the How’ve You Been? EP by himself and recorded it with producer CJ Rarela. Following the months after the recording process of the How’ve You Been? EP, Chris was joined by bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer Dan Synn. Chris then self-released the EP in January of 2019. The duo have been playing nationally throughout late 2018 and through 2019, as well as taking the time to write their newest release. “2023,” is the most recent single from the alternative/pop-rock outfit and is the first that has been co-written by the duo.


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