Hustle and Drone are stoked to present the title track from their upcoming album What An Uproar, out November 8.

“‘What an Uproar’ is one of the only songs on the record that turned out sounding very much like the demo,” says the band. “The mood of the song just kinda felt right from the start.  The ‘weird sound’ at the beginning is a bunch of kids in a classroom. The synthesizer sequences on this song were quite a challenge. We were not easily satisfied with what we were coming up with, so we just kept scrapping it and trying out other parts and tones. I don’t think we were easily satisfied with anything on this new record, which is good; it helped us make our best music possible. This song is about being abducted, by a human? An alien? Who cares. It’s really just about not being in control, paralyzed, and stuck as you might feel in the trunk of a car or hiding under a bed. I try not to get too specific about things.”

Hear more on Soundcloud or preorder the record here. 


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