New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the premiere of Echolalia by Jacob Peter. The release is extremely delicate in it’s sonic approach, making sure to be specific on the details of every orchestration. “Pattern” starts off the five track EP with a crawling piano, solemnly swaying. It’s an easy, warm build to the rest of the singer-songwriter’s release, digging into “Dreamer” with a tranquil tone, like that of sitting around a campfire. The folk atmosphere is a nice and easy start to a week, not letting any of the worries lie with an overbearing weight, instead Jacob Peter’s music does the opposite — lifting the spirits with care.  Echolalia is out on November 17th, and can be pre-ordered here .

Echolalia, in its plainest sense, is the mindless repetition of things heard and seen around you. These songs look at and question that repetition. It questions why we stay in situations that are harmful to us, why we don’t change our actions even when those actions are destructive. And just as a musician, it reveals the fact that music is simply a collection and reflection of what we hear around us. So this album is my take (and my repetition) of all that influences me and all that I hear”. – Jacob Peter


Photo by Shauna Presto


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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