New Noise Magazine is more than happy to bring “Weis Parking Lot” into the world from musician James Barrett. “Weis Parking Lot” features an intimate performance from Barrett with a melancholic atmosphere, led by a somber electric guitar. Barrett sings over top, delicate and poised with emotion. Packed into the song are imaginative lyrics that paint images with colors of reflection. James Barrett will be self-releasing an EP entitled Twenty on May 26th, including the song premiered below.

“‘Weis Parking Lot’ was the second song I wrote for the album back in the fall. The song along with the rest of the record deals with my wounded mental health and how it impacted my life and relationships. This song is a reflection of the entire life I had with someone starting with my memories of the early milestones in our relationship such as saying “I love you” for the first time to feeling responsible for never hearing it again. The issue with feeling that way is that you start to believe you are the center of all the issues in your life even when the changes are just inevitable. ”

Pre-order Twenty here.


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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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