Jefferey Lewis & The Voltage are dropping a new record, Bad Wiring, on November 1 via Don Giovanni Records. To get us stoked, they just released a new single, “Except For The Fact That It Isn’t.”

Although mostly recognized for his lyrical skills, the secret weapon in Lewis’s arsenal has been his slow evolution from DIY folkie in the late 90s to barn-burning indie-rock live sensation—he started out as Daniel Johnston and spent twenty years turning into Yo La Tengo. Bad Wiring—which was recorded by Roger Moutenot in Nashville, TN—continues along this trajectory.

“It’s a fairly listenable, four-chord ditty with verses and choruses, but then there’s also some ripped-up guitar devastation just so we don’t accidentally end up on the radio,” Jefferey Lewis explains. “Also, it’s kind of upbeat and jaunty, but then it’s got the most brutally sad line of the whole album, ‘There’s a roof and a floor, and there’s walls and a door, and there’s a table and chair and a bed.’ Sometimes I can’t get through singing that line without crying. The undeniable, which is also undeniably insufficient. Just so I can punch myself in the face with a couple of hard, fast, musical and lyrical contradictions, then get outta there.”

Preorder the album here. 


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