Former Cloud Nothings guitarist and Chomp frontman Joe Boyer has been trying out new sounds. The Cleveland native blends garage rock, punk and synth to create a stunning project called Joey Sprinkles. It’s a bit of a departure from his previous work while being experimental and exploring different musical ideas. Today, he’s premiering a digital 7” at New Noise Magazine with the tracks “Only Once” and “Instants” making up both sides of the release. It exhibits two artistic opposites where Boyer hones his talents.

“Only Once” was a song by the now defunct Cleveland band The Safeties that i thought was really cool,” Boyer says on his reasoning for including these particular songs, “I turned their super sparse version into some weird convoluted mess. “Instants” is like the polar opposite; all feeling and bonehead, spazz stuff. It’s an attempt at capturing musical instinct.”

One track has a bedroom pop vibe while the other is an energetic and intense rager. Boyer has a show coming up at the Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in Canton, OH on November 3. Be sure to get a copy of the new release while you’re there. For now, give it a listen and enjoy.


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